3 thoughts on “Frontline Ukraine”

  1. The only thing he may have “failed” in is not meeting his goal of annoying both “pro Russians” and “pro westerners”.

    I do consider myself pro Russian in this context (well, I am contrary by nature, where I still living in Russia it would be the other way round), he kind of missed, imho, somethings about the added flaws of Ukraines unstable centralism, but this book is still the best treatment of the conflict I have read so far.

    One could also be a lot more annoyed then Sakwa was at the Crimean intervention, which had greatly escalating consequences and temporarily turned everyone in charge into a complete anti Russian hardline.

    Thing is, Russians, we presight and justification, warned that Western partisan intervention in the Balkans would only excerbate, or even trigger, genocide there. Reason being that either the sides the west opted to support attempt to make hay while the sun shines and murder their enemies while western support gives them an advantadge, or the sides that the west opposes opt to make a preemptive assault on their enemies to murder them before western support materializes.
    As it turned out, both happened in Yugoslavia, and now both happen in Ukraine. The Russians did as a matter of fact knew better, but they went ahead and intervened anyway.


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