Where is Vladimir Putin?

I gave a long interview yesterday to Corus 770 talk radio in Calgary about the ‘disappearance’ of Vladimir Putin and what it means (or doesn’t). You can listen to it here:


Under ‘Play Here’ press on 13 March and 10:00 pm, then drag the bar under the play and pause buttons to the 0730 minute mark, and listen away!

4 thoughts on “Where is Vladimir Putin?”

  1. Kudos for keeping your great patience during this interview: given the nature of his editorial commentary, the persistently leading questions, and the concluding statements, it seems doubtful the interviewer/presenter actually processed as single thing you said.


    1. Actually, as interviewers go I thought he was quite good, as he allowed a long interview, permitted reasonably lengthy answers, and didn’t interrupt. Compared with TV, which gives people about two minutes max, and which doesn’t like answers more than a few seconds long, this was a far better format, allowing more detailed analysis.


  2. Yes, that’s fair: perhaps he had a script prepared in advance to read from on the opening and closing comments (and perhaps even for the questions) that did not allow for variation given the substance of what you were saying, hence the mismatch. Not sure if this is your experience generally, but it strikes me the quality of analysis is usually better in print media, (far) worse on TV, with radio somewhere in between.


    1. It varies publication to publication, show to show, but in general I would agree with you – TV is the worst, print media the best. The one advantage of TV and radio over print media is that if you do an interview, they rarely edit it (and often it is live), whereas if you speak to a print journalist you have no control over which bits they put in and which they leave out and how they contextualize it.


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